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How Does Empire Total War Hold Up in 2021?

Empire Total War Retrospective Empire Total War has a mixed legacy. It received almost universal acclaim by critics at its release but among fans, it’s one of the more divisive […]


How Does Medieval lI Total War: Kingdoms Expansion Hold Up in 2021?

Medieval Total War II: Kingdoms is the first and only expansion for Medieval Total War II which features four all-new campaigns, each with its own period, map, and unique factions. […]

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How Does Medieval II Total War Hold Up In 2021?

Medieval II: Total War Retrospective Released in 2006, Medieval II Total War is sandwiched between the beloved Rome Total War, and the series’s first major misfire, Empire Total War. It’s […]

Rome Total War Alexander Cavalry
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Rome Total War Alexander -Retrospective

In June of 2006, Creative Assembly released Rome Total War Alexander as the final expansion to Rome Total War.  The expansion takes place during the campaigns of Alexander the Great, […]

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Is this Rome Total War’s Best expansion? – Barbarian Invasion

Rome Total War: Barbarian Invasion – Retrospective A year after its release Rome Total War received its first expansion: Barbarian Invasion. Rome Total War is a grand expansion of the […]

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Does Rome Total War Still Hold Up in 2021?

Rome Total War Retrospective Does the Total War series have a single shining breakout entry and if so is it Rome Total War?  The answer dear reader, is of course, […]

Medieval Total War battle

Medieval Total War Retrospective

Medieval Total War is the incredibly faithful and successful sequel to Creative Assembly’s hit release Shogun Total War. Of the early 2D-map style Total War’s Medieval is clearly the superior […]